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This is an archive of posts I sent to the Harry Potter for Grownups Yahoogroup from 2002 to 2003: the end-times of the so-called "Three Year Summer" between the releases of books 4 and 5. The Three Year Summer came to an end quite a long time ago now; at this point, these posts probably serve more as historical artifacts than as anything else.

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Times change, and tastes change with them. These days, chances are that you have come here to read one of the following entries:

Although not nearly so popular these days—and, more often than not, astonishingly, horrifically wrong about where the series was actually going—my personal favorites still include:

If none of the above looks right, you could always try the indices. These posts have been indexed both by date and by topic. There is also a search function at the top right of this page.

Feel free to poke around the archives all you like. Many of these entries are banal, and many more ridiculous—and a number of them outline profoundly silly speculations which were shot down to flaming death by OotP canon—but once having started this project, I found that I was far too obsessive not to take a completist attitude towards it. So if you're really dying to read me prattling on all about how much I like Professor Flitwick, or drooling over Remus Lupin, or otherwise just shooting the shit with other people who were active on HPfGU back in the days when dinosaurs walked the earth, then you've come to the right place.

Please note that these posts represent only one voice in conversations which often involved very many people. It would obviously be improper for me to publish anyone's writings but my own here; I have, however, included a link to the original HPfGU post at the top of each entry for those who would like to read these (now positively ancient) threads in their entirety. Because HPfGU's archives are not open to non-members, though, you will need to set up a Yahoo account and join the HPfGU group before you can read them. Both of these processes are quick, free, and relatively painless. To set up a Yahoo account, go here. To join HPfGU, go here.

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