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Aurors and Wizarding Justice (32 posts)

Posts about the wizarding world's judicial system, internal affairs at the DMLE, and individual auror characters (Moody, the Longbottoms, etc.).

Canonical Plausibility and Reading Practice (44 posts)

Posts about different ways of reading (academic, fannish, etc.) and of evaluating canonical plausibility, or the "spirit of canon." Also, posts about reader resistance or subversion, and about the "fault lines" in the text—those areas of thematic inconsistency or seeming authorial ambivalence which encourage such readings.

Draco Malfoy (9 posts)

Posts about Draco

Fanspec Parody (13 posts)

Posts that parodied fan speculation, fanfic trope, or fannish reading practice as a general phenomenon.

Because these posts made some people extremely angry and hostile, I eventually stopped writing them, except in cases where I absolutely could not resist, as with Evil!McGonagall and Invisible!Neville.

Hagrid (4 posts)

Posts about Hagrid

Harry (15 posts)

Posts about Harry Potter. (Remember Harry Potter? This is a series about Harry Potter.)

Hermione (5 posts)

Posts about Hermione.

I didn't have much to say about Hermione, really. After the fifth book came out, I would have had far more to say about her—much of it, I'm afraid, not very pleasant—but by then, I'd stopped writing.

House Slytherin (12 posts)

Posts about House Slytherin: its culture, its role within wizarding society, and reader response to its role within the series.

Humor (10 posts)

Posts about humor within the series, as well as about differing reader responses to different types of comedy.

Lupin (6 posts)

Posts about Lupin

Miscellaneous (13 posts)

A catch-all category for posts that don't really fit into any of the other categories. Includes both forgettable fluff ("Which character do you most envy?") and thematic analyses (the roles of paranoia and vengeance in the series as a whole).

Neville (24 posts)

Posts about Neville

Peter Pettigrew (20 posts)

Posts about Peter Pettigrew

Reader Response (69 posts)

Posts analyzing reader response or examining the reasons why different readers might have different emotional reactions to the same characters or scenes in the story.

Sirius (10 posts)

Posts about Sirius Black

Snape (20 posts)

Posts about Snape

Spells and Magic (37 posts)

Posts which contain speculation on how various spells, magical artifacts or magical phenomena (life debts, for example) might work in the Potterverse, or which touch on questions of the categorization of magic (what constitutes "Dark Magic?" etc.)

TBAY Posts (28 posts)

Posts which carried the "TBAY" prefix, instituted by the HPfGU Admin in April of 2002 to designate any posts which: (a) refer to a complex theory by name (ie, "Fourth Man," "Seventh Son") without explaining the theory in full for the benefit of newcomers; (b) in some other way assume reader familiarity with previous list discussion on the same topic; (c) concretize an acronym or slang term as metaphor ("handing someone a LOLLIPOP," for example, or referring to oneself as "sailing on a ship"); or (d) are written in the third person, in a fictive style, or as Socratic dialogue, rather than as a straight-forward first person essay.

If you are wondering what on earth these things really have to do with one another, or why they should have remained a source of great controversy and contention on HPfGU for, literally, years...well, let me just assure you. You are not alone.

The Crouch Family (36 posts)

Posts about members of the Crouch household: Junior, Senior, Mrs., and Winky.

The Weasley Family (29 posts)

Posts about any members of the Weasley family, or about the Weasley family dynamics in general.

Voldemort and the Death Eaters (52 posts)

Sounds like a band name, doesn't it? Posts about Voldemort, the Death Eaters, or issues relating to the DEs as an organization.

Wankage (11 posts)

Wankage. It happens to all of us, sooner or later.

Wizarding Culture (37 posts)

Or the lack thereof.

Posts about wizarding culture and society in general, including wizarding education and class structure.