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How can they tell who's a Muggle?

RE: How can they tell who's a Muggle?

Conquistas wrote:

I think that other wizards can "feel" the presence of another wizard around, because of the magic.

[snip examples of Harry sensing the invisible Crouch Jr. in the woods and the emanating power of an enraged Dumbledore at the end of GoF]

It's an interesting theory. There are so many examples, though, of wizards not noticing the presence of other hidden magical people or powers.

Harry is rarely noticed in his Invisibility Cloak (except by Mrs. Norris, of all people, who does seem to have a good sense for him).

Harry does not notice Dumbledore watching him use the Mirror of Erised in PS/SS.

Nobody notices Invisible!Snape in the Shrieking Shack scene in PoA.

Nobody notices anything magically unusual about Ginny, while she is possessed by Riddle in CoS.

Nobody notices anything magically awry with Quirrell, while he is sporting Voldemort beneath his turban.

Ron is surprised (and maliciously pleased) when he learns that Filch is a Squib.

Everyone believes that Neville is magically weak, even though all of the evidence actually points to him having quite a bit of raw magical power.

No one ever notices that Scabbers is a wizard. Furthermore, the pet shop woman suggests that perhaps he is so ill because he is actually a non-magical rat, and thus at the end of his natural lifespan.

So I don't think that wizards are able to sense magical power. They identify others as Muggles, I would guess, based on nothing more than superficial signifiers: manner of dress, for example.


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